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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sinful Colors Endless Blue & Nicole Mi Fantasia

I haven't bought nail polish in a looooong time but I saw Mi Fantasia on clearance at Target and I noticed Endless Blue from Sinful Colors which I haven't seen before so I grabbed these and did a little gradient effect with them. Endless Blue is very bright, I love it! Mi Fantasia is a little disappointing just because it looks so colorful in the bottle but the glitter is mostly silver with a little bit of color shift in the light, I just wanted it to be more colorful.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

NOTD: Hot Pink & Black Crack

You've probably seen the resent Crackle nail polishes released by OPI and China Glaze. I didn't know about them until they were all sold out, lucky for me Sally Hansen came out with a collection of Crackle polishes. I only got the black but there is also a glittery silver, glittery gold, royal blue, red, hot pink, and purple. These were $8 at walgreens in a LE display.

Some tips for application: Your base color should be completly dry. Apply the crackle to the outer edges of the nail first, and work quickly because it dries very fast. Apply a pretty thick coat, a thin coat will just dry before you can evenly spread it on the nail. Try not to leave the bottle open too long, the nail polish in the neck will dry quickly and clump up on the brush, making it harder to apply the polish.

Color Club - Pick Lust & Sally Hansen - Ink Splatter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Color Club neon swatches

Finally got around to swatching the rest of my Color Club polishes, which are mostly neons. I should be doing homework (its spring break but my human ecology teacher tells us to do reading and questions for 3 chapers while he's in Costa Rica, how unfair is that?) but I want to get these done before school starts again Monday.

Explosive, 5 coats. Bumble Bee yellow. Even after 5 coats I could see through some spots. Its a pretty color but it was a pain.

Electro Candy, 4 coats. This is a really pretty cool almost neon pink. It has a silver/blue flash in the sun.

Pink Lust, 3 coats. This is a neon bright pink, leaning more towards warm but it doesn't look red. Almost has a jelly consistancy that I like.

Amp'D Up, 2-3 coats. Gorgeous neon orange, leaning more red then yellow. Pretty good formula.

Pure Energy, 4-5 coats. Bright pool blue with green shimmer. This was thin and runny, which made it hard to work with. I love the color but I don't know that its worth it.

220 Volts, also called Chelsea Girl, 4-5 coats. Not as pretty on as in the bottle, its kind of a flat color, dries almost matte. Looks slightly better with a top coat

Bizerk Turq, 3 coats. My camera hates kelly greens and teals, it always turns them blue. I had to edit it a bit in photoshop. This is a gorgeous milky kelly green, a bit brighter then the photol

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Sinful Color swatches & a flakie comparison.

So many people are wearing green this month (for St Patricks day) and I don't have a lot of greens so I had to go get some so I could fit it. I got these 4 colors from Walgreens. Irish Green and Green Ocean are limited edition colors that Walgreens brings out each March for St Patties, so get them while you can. You can also get Sinful Colors nail polish at

Mint Apple, 3 coats. Dustly pale grey-green with gold shimmer.

Rise and Shine, 2-3 coats. Kelly green with subtle blue shimmer.

Irish Green, 5 coats. Neon burnyoureyes kelly-lime green. You can layer it over white to make it fully opaque.

These are the flakies I have. Here you can see that the NYX flakes are huge and there aren't enough of them so it looks awful. The Nfu Oh's are perfect of course. The Sinful Colors is somewhere in between with nice sized flakes but there isn't any shimmer to fill the in spaces like the Nfu Oh's, and most are a little too square.

L-R: NYX Purple Ave, Nfu Oh #51, Nfu Oh #56, SC Green Ocean

Saturday, February 27, 2010

NOTD: Orly Oh Cabana Boy (neon pink!)

This color is INSANE! Its so bright and a lovely shade of neon pink. Love love love. If you like neon pinks you need Orly's Oh Cabana Boy. I was at a resturant yesterday, sitting on a bench while my dad was in line, and this little girl who must have been 2-3 years old comes over and touches my nails. Then her mom pulled her away but she came back and touched my toe nails. We just smiled at eachother and had that nail-polish-junkie to future-nail-polish-junkie connection. She was so cute, and so serious about studying my nails.

Neons never photograph quite right but I got this close with photoshot. Its a little less washed out and brighter in person. The base is a neutral-warm toned pink but the purple shimmer gives it a cooler tone in the photos.