Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brazillian Laser Hair Removal, 3rd & 4th Treatments

Sorry the 3rd treatment update is so late. I wanted to see what my results were after 4 weeks because some hair was growing back after the 2nd treatment, and then I just decided to wait until the 4th treatment.

So after my 3rd treatment I had both good and bad results. Firstly I used the numbing cream but I could tell she raised the intensity level cause there was a tiny sting in some places during the treatment and I was a little red after (but not sore). The good part is that initially 90% of the hair fell out of some places (the top triangle area), but only about 50% below that (harder to see that area so I'm not too sure). The bad part is that after the initial hair fall out a bunch grew back. It's much thinner and softer than before, but still disappointing.

I just had my 4th treatment today. I told the lady hair was growing back and she was really surprised and disappointed as well. I have light skin and dark hair so she said it should be working better. I think she turned the intensity up even more because it hurt a little more than last time (but still not too bad), and afterwards certain areas were stinging for about 15 minutes.

I will update in about a month. Hopefully this time nothing grows back besides a few stubborn hairs.