Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable Shavers

Today I want to share one of my necessities for summer. A few months ago I bought these Noxzema shave and trim razors for the bikini area. My bikini area is really sensitive, so using a regular razor leaves me with bumps and irritation. Honestly it's probably just as bad to see the bumps and redness around the bikini area as it is to see hair. I wanted to try these to see if they might help and I have to say I love these little guys!

These guys get close enough to cut most of the hair so when I finish off with a regular razor I don't have to go over my skin so many times. Or if I'm not concerned with being super smooth I'll just use the Noxzema razor and call it a day. I get way less irritation and I don't dread bikini season so much.

I will be getting Brazilian laser hair removal in a few weeks, so these are helpful because before each treatment you have to shave everything. Since these are about half the width of a regular razor it's easier to get certain places around your lady bits without skinning yourself. Yay!

I've only found these here on Amazon so far. A pack of 3 is around $3.00. So far I've only used 1 and have gotten at least half a dozen uses with more to come, so I think they'll last for a while.

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