Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sally Hansen Kwik Off: My Must Have Nail Polish Remover!

Once upon a time I was addicted to nail polish. For a year or two I was buying new colors weekly and I changed my nail polish every 2-3 days. The process of actually painting my nails is very relaxing to me and having a fresh mani makes me really happy. However my obsession eventually tapered off because A. I was sick of my nail polish chipping after 2 days, and B. I hated taking nail polish off. Once it starts chipping I can't stop picking at it so I have to immediately take it off. I had a scrubby tub with plastic bristles and it scratched my nails and cuticles and eventually the bristles started breaking so I threw it out. Using a cotton ball or pad just feels like I'm living in the dark ages! Plus is takes so much more time.

The first problem I solved with the Sephora Formula X "The System" which makes my mani's last 6-9 days with no chips (see my last post for a review). The second I solved with the Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover!

I love it sooooo much! There are 3 holes to stick your fingers in (I had to poke around at first to find them), so it takes half the time as my other tub. Inside is an actual soft sponge, so it doesn't scratch your nails. It smells pleasant enough and it works so fast. I leave my fingers in for about 30 seconds and then press my nails into the sponge and twist to wipe the polish off. It's not too drying either.

It just costs around $3 at Target. I highly, highly recommend you try it. Taking my nail polish off doesn't feel like such a chore any longer.

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