Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable Shavers

Today I want to share one of my necessities for summer. A few months ago I bought these Noxzema shave and trim razors for the bikini area. My bikini area is really sensitive, so using a regular razor leaves me with bumps and irritation. Honestly it's probably just as bad to see the bumps and redness around the bikini area as it is to see hair. I wanted to try these to see if they might help and I have to say I love these little guys!

These guys get close enough to cut most of the hair so when I finish off with a regular razor I don't have to go over my skin so many times. Or if I'm not concerned with being super smooth I'll just use the Noxzema razor and call it a day. I get way less irritation and I don't dread bikini season so much.

I will be getting Brazilian laser hair removal in a few weeks, so these are helpful because before each treatment you have to shave everything. Since these are about half the width of a regular razor it's easier to get certain places around your lady bits without skinning yourself. Yay!

I've only found these here on Amazon so far. A pack of 3 is around $3.00. So far I've only used 1 and have gotten at least half a dozen uses with more to come, so I think they'll last for a while.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Intermittent Fasting Journal #1

This is pretty off topic for a beauty blog, but I want to turn this into more of a lifestyle blog. I'm very interested in health and nutrition so I'm going to talk about this today.

I started Intermittent Fasting last week after starting a nutrition class at college. My teacher has a completely unexpected approach to nutrition and eating that has taught me some new things. I’ve done a little research and I have a lot more to do but I wanted to share some things I’ve learned.

The first class he said it’s healthier to eat all of your daily calories in just 1 or 2 meals (spaced 10-12 hours apart) a day because it takes about 10 hours for the glucose (carbohydrate/sugar) in your liver and muscles to be used up and for your body to tap into the glucose in your fat cells. Giving your body a chance to use that glucose is suppose to mimic the results of calorie restriction, without the calorie restriction.

In addition to aiding fat loss, low glucose levels triggers apoptosis (programed cell death) in old and defective (cancer) cells. Diseased cells apparently require 9x more glucose than healthy cells, so when your glucose levels drop they are the first to go. Recent research is showing that dropping glucose levels may be as effective as chemotherapy! Crazy, huh?

I’ve been trying this out the past 10 days, eating a big (for me) breakfast at 8 and a big dinner at 5-5:30 (I can’t last 10 hours quite yet). I do get fairly hungry around 2, I usually feel a little tired too. I’m hoping my body will get use to this soon. I’ve been drinking tea or crystal light (not the best, I know) in the afternoon to help with the hunger. One big upside though is that I feel like I can enjoy food again. In the last months I’ve been working so hard at finding meals that are low calorie but also filling. It’s such a relief to not have to worry about calories and to be able to eat what I want without guilt. I can slather my burrito bowls with tons of homemade guacamole, or occasionally have some freaking pasta!

At first feeling completely full and satisfied made me feel so guilty, which is totally messed up! Food shouldn’t be the center of your world but it should be enjoyed. Even though I’m currently missing lunch I love having a big dinner and not going to bed hungry. I also enjoy not stressing at family parties where we have pizza or lasagna for dinner. I am still eating very healthy food 95% of the time but I’m going to have some treats without guilt more often.

Since starting IF 10 days ago I've lost 2.5 lbs, breaking through my plateau (without working out). I usually take my measurements too but I'm going to wait until March 1st and post an update then.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sally Hansen Kwik Off: My Must Have Nail Polish Remover!

Once upon a time I was addicted to nail polish. For a year or two I was buying new colors weekly and I changed my nail polish every 2-3 days. The process of actually painting my nails is very relaxing to me and having a fresh mani makes me really happy. However my obsession eventually tapered off because A. I was sick of my nail polish chipping after 2 days, and B. I hated taking nail polish off. Once it starts chipping I can't stop picking at it so I have to immediately take it off. I had a scrubby tub with plastic bristles and it scratched my nails and cuticles and eventually the bristles started breaking so I threw it out. Using a cotton ball or pad just feels like I'm living in the dark ages! Plus is takes so much more time.

The first problem I solved with the Sephora Formula X "The System" which makes my mani's last 6-9 days with no chips (see my last post for a review). The second I solved with the Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover!

I love it sooooo much! There are 3 holes to stick your fingers in (I had to poke around at first to find them), so it takes half the time as my other tub. Inside is an actual soft sponge, so it doesn't scratch your nails. It smells pleasant enough and it works so fast. I leave my fingers in for about 30 seconds and then press my nails into the sponge and twist to wipe the polish off. It's not too drying either.

It just costs around $3 at Target. I highly, highly recommend you try it. Taking my nail polish off doesn't feel like such a chore any longer.