Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Essie Lilacism & Van D'Go

This is way late, I'm not sure you can even buy these any more but here are the swatches that have been sitting in my NOTD folder for months. Surprise!

Essie - Lilacism 4 coats

Essie - Van D'Go 4 coats


Mandy McDonald said...

these were already on my list of must haves but now they are moving on up to my next buy. soooo pretty

Zuzu said...

They are really amazing colors but for me applying is horrible! So creamy!

Kristie said...

wow I love the Lilac color, such a great color for spring.

Crystaliciousss said...

good thing you posted these the pics are amazing! so beautiful :)

i love it when bloggers post colors from "older" collections, otherwise it is all about thesame thing don't you think?

have a great weekend!

Erika Nagode said...

I have got the Essie Lilacism, but OMG how gorgeous it Van d`go!