Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mini Review: ELF $1 Quad Brownstone

Quality: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Price: $1.00
Where To Buy: Target,
Would I Buy Again: Yes

This is a really great product from ELF. Its a small quad that has 4 great neutral colors that would suit anyone I think, except maybe those with dark skin (it could be too light). All the colors are satiny and quite pigmented (with a primer). You can do a very natural look or a smokey look. I would use it for school, work, night, weddings, traveling, pretty much any occasion.

The packaging is fine, its cute but it could be better. For the price who the heck cares? Its cheap plastic but it doesn't feel flimsy by any means.

In this photo I have the 1st color as a highlight, 2nd on the lid, 3rd in the crease, and 4th under the lower lashes.


Becca said...

what mascara do you use?

Katrina said...

I am using Essence's hypno gloss 3 in 1 mascara. Essence is only at Ulta in the US I believe. I got it from their website because they aren't close to me.

Erin said...

This is pretty nice! :) I always look at this and pass it by. Next time I'm picking one up!

Essense is sold overseas, too. Ulta is the only place Stateside that I know where to find it, though. They have nice mascara, for it being so cheap!

나니 said...

I have the quad in Silver Lining cause Hollyannaeree was raving about it on Youtube. It's the worst piece of craaaaaap ever >_<"

Katrina said...

I had Silver Lining too and didn't like it. It was kind of sheer and chalky. I think this is a newer one and its better quality.

The girl in the yellow shoes said...

Oh I LOVE this one I just got it and I use it everyday for just a natural look. I just did a post on the butternut quad.. check it out!