Friday, July 23, 2010

The easiest way to remove nail polish (especially glitter)

I love changing my nail polish several times a week, but taking it off can be a major pain in the butt. If you're trying to take off a glitter it can be 10x harder than any other finish. I use to avoid glitters because they would take so long to remove & I'd always get bits of cotton stuck to the glitter and end up needing double the amount of remover and cotton. Since I've discovered the Scrubby Tub removing all nail polish has become much faster and far easier.

The scrubby tub is basically a plastic tub full of remover. It's lined with rubber and in the middle there is a hole with rubber bristles or a sponge that help to scrub all the polish off your nails. I typically let my nail soak for a few seconds before I begin scrubbing, especially if I'm wearing glitter. It doesn't take too long, maybe 5 minutes for a non-glitter and 10 for the most stubborn glitter. The best part is that I don't ever have a fresh mani ruined by bits of cotton that get left over from cotton balls.

There are a few brands that have these tubs. I have one by Studio Tools from Target. Sally Hansen and a couple other brands have these too, right next to the regular remover at any store. The SH one above has 3 holes. Mine only lets you do one nail at a time. After a lot of uses the remover will get dirty, mine always turns a dark purple color. You just have to dump out the dirty remover and fill it back up with fresh acetone. I know its time to change it when the bottom of my nails start to get a red tint. I haven't counted but I'm guessing I get 30-50 mani's out of it before it needs changed. I just pour the dirty remover in a glass jar and leave it open so it can evaporate. Then you'll see a big blob of nail polish at the bottom, just let it dry out and throw it in the trash. DO NOT pour it down the drain! You don't want those chemicals getting into any ones water supply. These typically run at $4-$5. Get one noooooooooooow!


RMb said...

awesome!! thanks for the tip! im totally going to hit up target/walgreens tomorrow. :)

Danielle said...

I just recently got one and it saves me sooo much time!

maRyya said...

very cute

Emily D said...

Oh I have tried this before! For me I found that it was hard to remove glitter nail polish with this and it dried out after a while. Besides all of that, I did enjoy this product and it worked well! I love how you do your nails! Please check out my blog!