Friday, April 30, 2010

NOTD & some important food for thought.

First a little information I've recently learned about the environment.

I recently had to do a presentation on the effects of pollution on wildlife and learned that there is a floating trash heap in the pacific ocean 2x bigger than Texas (the other oceans have this too). Its killing marine animals, giving whales breast cancer, and poisoning our planet. Most of that trash is plastic from water bottles and trash bags and will take 1000+ years to degrade.

I know a lot of us will go to the drug store for just a few bottles of np, and I'd like to challenge everyone to not accept plastic bags when just getting a few small items. Just say "I don't need a bag" and put it in your purse (after you've payed for it =P ). Even if you don't live anywhere near a coast, that bag could end up in a stream that goes to a river that empties into an ocean 500 miles away, or it could end up in a local pond/lake/whatever.

Now on to my NOTD: I am wearing 3 coats Sinful Colors I Love You and 2 coats LA Splash's Sparkling Lavendar. The sunlight photos are not color accurate but show the sparkle. I Love You is similar to Daddy's Girl, but the base is lighter and it has a lot more gold and purple flecks (like tiny tiny flakies). Daddy's Girl just has gold flecks that are a little bit bigger.

direct sunlight

direct sunlight


l0verlada said...

Well that polish is way prettier than Daddy's Girl!

What drives me crazy is when I tell the cashier I don't need a bag- several times- and they give me one anyways. Or they end up crumpling up the bag and tossing it anyways. 9/10 times this happens and it sucks! I try not to use plastic bags and when I do I reuse them at home instead of just tossing.

nailcolorlove said...

actually, that pile of garbage is now bigger than the entire continental united states. look it up. true fact.

not a huge fan of sinful colors. i hate the formula.

bellebathandbeyond said...

I try not to request for a bag most of the times I shop, but in other countries, it's not yet widely practiced, unfortunately. Bags are some sort of "control" over shoplifting.

When hauling nail polish from the drugstore sometimes I do ask for a bag though because it's far too dangerous to have them all mixed up with other stuff in my bag (which holds a ton of other stuff). However, I make sure that I recycle and reuse these bags A LOT.

Funtasy said...

Love the colors and wonder - is the Milani brand available in Europe? Must look it up..And now for the bags - I didn't know about the heap of trash but started to dislike the amount of plastic one accumulates with shopping a long long time ago so I take in on another level and can only encourage you all to do that too. If you know you're going shopping (groceries etc) bring a bag along - at leats here in Europe they sell these at favorable prices to promote them over the plastic bags. They are durable and if you carry something a tad heavier they don't tend to cut your fingers off like the plastic bastards do:-) At times I go -only- to do some grocery shopping I take a backpack. It feels a lot lighter and it's eco - cool. I also refuse to warp each piece of fruit or veg into its own little plastic bag like they expect me to do at supermarkets. The used to frown at me because it's messier for them to weigh at the cashier but I explained a few times and I think now people are more used to it. Finally, when it seems the cashier is about to waste the bag you intentionally left, tell them - just tell them WHY you did not want it and chances are they will start to think alike as well. Wit ha bit of effort I hope we can make a difference or at least we don't contribute to a bigger trash pile. PLUS - I looove your swatches - great quality of colors and all!