Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze 2NITE

First off I would like to thank everyone for all the support so many of you have given me after the death of my dog. I miss her all the time, I can't believe she's gone. I guess life has to go on though. I have a lot of things coming up soon, assuming that I'm not swamped by work tomorrow. I have some pale lavender comparisons, Nfu Oh swatches, Jordana swatches, Misa swatches, and more.

On to 2NITE. This is such a lovely color. In natural lighting its a pale smoky blue which is still gorgeous even without the holo effect. In any type of artificial light it really pops like in the flash photo. In the sunlight the different colors are more pronounced than the last two photos show, its a lot more holo. There is also more green and yellow then the photos show.

My only complaint is that application was a bit pain over my base coat which was Orly's Nail Armor. I had major cuticle drag (when you get a bare spot above the cuticle) on the first 2 coats (the 3rd coat came out fine though). On my bare nail though I didn't have the problem with cuticle drag. I actually put this on Saturday, its now Wednseday and there is almost zero tipwear and no chipping.

natural indoor light


direct sunlight


Biba said...

*hugs* Time will heal all the wounds...

This is a gorgeus colour!

Ariana said...

I wish you the best, your dog will always be in your heart. :)

Also, thanks so much for the natural lighting pics, I rarely see pictures of holos in natural light!
It is really, really helpful for me to get a gauge of what it looks like in all lightings. :D

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Thank you for explaining what cuticle drag is! I always wondered. What a gorgeous color :D