Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick LA Splash swatches

I'll do better swatches later but I know these are getting popular and a lot of people want photos and swatches so here are the ones I have. These ones are all glitter in clear bases, Heiress has different sizes of glitter but the others all have one size. Heiress is also the sheerest of the bunch. My favorite is probably Sparkling Lilac, its the most dense and the prettiest color I think. These bottles can be really hard to open, so you can yank off the gold top and underneath there is a round handle that is so much easier to grip. The top slides right back on.

L-R: Sparkling Lilac, Heiress, Sparkling Stratosphere, Sparkling Fushia, Sparkling Fire

one coat
thumb - pinky: Lilac, Fushia, Heiress, Fire, Stratosphere

two coats

three coats


Stephanie said...

I was JUST looking at these at Ulta today. It's serendipity!

Mai said...

Ohhh I didn't see Heiress at my Ulta, it reminds me of Violet Sparkle by Nubar

Ariana said...

I really want to get Seahorse, or whatever that seafoam green with gold glitter is.

Thanks for the swatches! :o)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I like these! They would be really great for doing gradient glitter nails.

manicuremania said...

nice!!! when I went to check these out at Ulta I only saw sort of bland, dull shades...these look bright and cheery!

gildedangel said...

What cool glitters!