Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Sinful Color swatches & a flakie comparison.

So many people are wearing green this month (for St Patricks day) and I don't have a lot of greens so I had to go get some so I could fit it. I got these 4 colors from Walgreens. Irish Green and Green Ocean are limited edition colors that Walgreens brings out each March for St Patties, so get them while you can. You can also get Sinful Colors nail polish at Cherryculture.com.

Mint Apple, 3 coats. Dustly pale grey-green with gold shimmer.

Rise and Shine, 2-3 coats. Kelly green with subtle blue shimmer.

Irish Green, 5 coats. Neon burnyoureyes kelly-lime green. You can layer it over white to make it fully opaque.

These are the flakies I have. Here you can see that the NYX flakes are huge and there aren't enough of them so it looks awful. The Nfu Oh's are perfect of course. The Sinful Colors is somewhere in between with nice sized flakes but there isn't any shimmer to fill the in spaces like the Nfu Oh's, and most are a little too square.

L-R: NYX Purple Ave, Nfu Oh #51, Nfu Oh #56, SC Green Ocean


Aubree said...

I just bought a bunch of Sinful Colors but didn't see the St. Patrick's ones! Bummer, they look awesome. I did pick up Mint Apple though :) It looks great with the flakie glitter.

Katrina said...

The St Patrick day ones have their own display, either by the cosmetic check out or with the other limited edition or new displays. Mine just got it this week.

Biba said...

Oh, Mint Apple is simply awesome!

Angie said...

the first one looks the best :)

Lina-Elvira said...

Wow I love Mint Green :D Love Green Ocean too, I got that one last yr

tifuani said...

What beautiful colours!!! Mint apple is so pretty~~~