Saturday, March 20, 2010

Color Club neon swatches

Finally got around to swatching the rest of my Color Club polishes, which are mostly neons. I should be doing homework (its spring break but my human ecology teacher tells us to do reading and questions for 3 chapers while he's in Costa Rica, how unfair is that?) but I want to get these done before school starts again Monday.

Explosive, 5 coats. Bumble Bee yellow. Even after 5 coats I could see through some spots. Its a pretty color but it was a pain.

Electro Candy, 4 coats. This is a really pretty cool almost neon pink. It has a silver/blue flash in the sun.

Pink Lust, 3 coats. This is a neon bright pink, leaning more towards warm but it doesn't look red. Almost has a jelly consistancy that I like.

Amp'D Up, 2-3 coats. Gorgeous neon orange, leaning more red then yellow. Pretty good formula.

Pure Energy, 4-5 coats. Bright pool blue with green shimmer. This was thin and runny, which made it hard to work with. I love the color but I don't know that its worth it.

220 Volts, also called Chelsea Girl, 4-5 coats. Not as pretty on as in the bottle, its kind of a flat color, dries almost matte. Looks slightly better with a top coat

Bizerk Turq, 3 coats. My camera hates kelly greens and teals, it always turns them blue. I had to edit it a bit in photoshop. This is a gorgeous milky kelly green, a bit brighter then the photol

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Love, B said...

*____* I am just speechless over that yellow. How I've not seen these colors before escapes me.