Saturday, February 6, 2010

NOTD: Purple Fire

I'm not a big purple lover. I like looking at the color well enough, but I'm rarely inspired to wear it, and for one reason or another it usually lets me down. I saw this Sinful Colors Lets Talk and loved it in the bottle but wasn't sure about it because it looked like a frost and I thought from looking at the bottle it was too good to be true. Well I was so wrong, this color is 100x more amazing on then in the bottle and the frost is more reflective then metallic and just perfect. I LOVE IT!!!

The color is very opaque, this is just 2 coats. It is a little thick but a few drops of Sally's Beauty Secrets Thinner should make it easier next time. This can be found in the regular display at Walgreens for just $2.00.


Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

Love it. Nice swatch. I am a sucker for purples. I have this one but haven't worn it yet, it's really gorgeous and now I want to put it on immediately LOL. Nice pic too bc this color is hard to photograph, I photographed the bottle in a haul and it looked so blue. Great accurate pic!

Katrina said...

Oh it totally photographed blue for me too, I had to spend a while editing it in photoshop. Still doesn't do justise to the color.

Musicalhouses said...

Great purple! I really like it! :) And great job on both your nail and beauty blogs! I knew you had a beauty blog but not a nail blog, so it's pretty cool to know you're into nails as well as makeup too! My blog is similar - its got both makeup and nails in it. Sometimes it gets a bit messy, but I wouldn't have the stamina for 2 blogs!