Sunday, February 28, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Magic + ChG Cleopatra glitter gradient

Oooh baby! I pretty much just got Cleopatra for the name and didn't think I'd really love it but it looks great with dark purples, like Claire's Magic! Doing it in a gradient style made it look really classy in my opinion. I also want to try it with a navy sometime. This is 3 layers of Magic and 3 layers of Cleopatra.

Sadly after only 5 hours my nails had serious shrinkage due to the evil Poshe quick dry top coat. Of course that was after my polish started rippling at the tips (basically that looks like little hills going up and down the tips) and fixed it by both licking it (wish I was joking) and pressing it with my finger. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust Poshe again. *sob* I will fix it this morning by putting a bit of np on the tips.

and this is how it turned out after I fixed it, not too bad!!


Nicole said...

LOL! Licking it. Oh my goodness, well I won't even bother trying Poshe as a quick dry top coat, then. It sounds JUST like what Seche Vite does to me, and the globs halfway through, ridiculous. I'm still in love with my precious CND Air Dry.
This is a totally GORGEOUS combo! I love it! It does look fab together.

nihrida said...

Beautiful! =)
Sorry about the shrinkage... I never experienced that myself.

SeeingSunshine said...

This is so glamourous! I really want to try something similar now!

Katrina said...

Thanks Nicole! Oddly enough licking seemed to help. I usually don't have a problem with SV but Poshe has been a monster every time.

Nihrida thank you! Lucky girl.

SeeingSunshine do it and takes pictures, I'd love to see them.