Sunday, February 28, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Magic + ChG Cleopatra glitter gradient

Oooh baby! I pretty much just got Cleopatra for the name and didn't think I'd really love it but it looks great with dark purples, like Claire's Magic! Doing it in a gradient style made it look really classy in my opinion. I also want to try it with a navy sometime. This is 3 layers of Magic and 3 layers of Cleopatra.

Sadly after only 5 hours my nails had serious shrinkage due to the evil Poshe quick dry top coat. Of course that was after my polish started rippling at the tips (basically that looks like little hills going up and down the tips) and fixed it by both licking it (wish I was joking) and pressing it with my finger. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust Poshe again. *sob* I will fix it this morning by putting a bit of np on the tips.

and this is how it turned out after I fixed it, not too bad!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

NOTD: Orly Oh Cabana Boy (neon pink!)

This color is INSANE! Its so bright and a lovely shade of neon pink. Love love love. If you like neon pinks you need Orly's Oh Cabana Boy. I was at a resturant yesterday, sitting on a bench while my dad was in line, and this little girl who must have been 2-3 years old comes over and touches my nails. Then her mom pulled her away but she came back and touched my toe nails. We just smiled at eachother and had that nail-polish-junkie to future-nail-polish-junkie connection. She was so cute, and so serious about studying my nails.

Neons never photograph quite right but I got this close with photoshot. Its a little less washed out and brighter in person. The base is a neutral-warm toned pink but the purple shimmer gives it a cooler tone in the photos.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My favorite Holos and Glitters

These are, in my opinion, some of the best and most unique holos and glitters around.

China Glaze DV8. Looking at DV8 outside or in the sunlight is like an instant pick me up, its just so cheerful and happy. Never been high but if you looked at this long enough...

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. 10000000x more amazing in person. I don't love most green nail polishes but this blew my mind.

China Glaze QT, looks like DV8 when outsite. Pink-red holo, flares up like DV8 does in the sun.

Color Club Worth The Risque. Silver holo. Lovely and smooth. I'm not big on silver nail polish but this is fun to wear.

Finger Paints LE Decked With Dazzle. Multi-colored foil like glass fleck glitter things. Idk what this stuff is called but its amazing and I'm sad it was a LE christmas color at Sally's.

Milani Hi-Tech. Grass green holo, great great color. This is from the new 3D collection that has just come out, my CVS only got it this week. There are six other colors (I got the purple too).  If you want to see swatches of all of them check out Scrangie's blog, there is a link in my blog roll.

Wet N Wild Night Prowl. Black with fucshia glitter. This is a new color so it may not show up for a while, my Walgreens just got it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NOTD: Dorothy Who?

I finally tried the much raved about Dorothy Who? from the China Glaze Wizard Of Ooh Ahz collection. This collection originally came out years ago and apparently enough people begged for it to come back because China Glazed re-released it a few months ago. Dorothy Who? is a blue jelly with silver and blue glitter. Its a pretty good formula, kind of sheer but thats to be expected with jellies. This is 3 coats hear but I think it would have looked better with a 4th and probably another layer of top coat. I did this at 7:30 am before school so I didn't have much time to do extra steps but its still a great color.

Dorothy Who is somewhat similar to Blue Sparrow, but Blue Sparrow does not have silver glitter, and its blue glitter almost isn't reflective at all. I like Dorothy Who better because its blingy and exciting, but Blue Sparrow is still a nice color to have.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review: Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Powder Foundation

Quality: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Size: .37 oz
Price: $5.00 - $7.00
Where To Buy: any drugstore
Would I Buy Again: Yes

Get a fresh, natural look - to go! Extra-fine oil absorbing powders help even out skin, covering like a liquid, cheeks to chin. The slim, blue compact goes anywhere to help control shine and keep you beautiful for hours.

Controls oil and shine
Won't clog pores

I bought this after going through several pressed powders from different brands and not being happy with them. I can honestly say that this is one I will buy again and continue to love. Its different from other pressed powders in the fact that its a foundation, so its more pigmented and a bit heavier in coverage. It can be worn alone but I like to wear it over my normal liquid foundation.

The key to not looking like I'm wearing tons of foundation is to apply only a thin layer of liquid foundation, about half of what I'd normally use, then using my ELF Studio Powder Brush to apply the Cover Girl powder in a light layer, and then using the sponge it comes with on places where my pores are large or where I have red spots. This gives me the most natural flawless look I've ever acheived with the least work (though its still not perfect, but I'll take what I can get) and the least about of make up on my skin.

This does help control oil for me. I always use MAC's Prep+Prime spf 50 under everything, and that plus this powder gives me at least 7-8 hours before I really need to blot. Usually I only get 5-6 before my face looks pretty gross.

The biggest problem with this product is that the lightest shade 605 Ivory would be too dark for very pale/fair skin tones. I just barely match it and I'm pretty light. There are 11 shades total.

This really helps make 50% of my pores disappear. They are huge and abundant so that is a big deal to me.

I have had no adverse reations to this products, no breakouts or anything.

-good coverage
-hides pores
-doesn't feel heavy
-can wear alone or over liquid foundation

-may be too dark for very fair skin

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Mani: Ain't No Holo Back Girl

I'm in a nail polish rut and just am not happy with anything I put on. It took me hours to come up with this yesterday and it sort of worked as a V-day mani. 3 coats Color Club Worth The Risque, 2 coats China Glaze QT, and Art Deco's Silver Glitter for the middle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NOTD: Nfu Oh #56

For this NOTD I used 3 coats of China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway and 1 coat of Nfu Oh #56 (you can get this at

This combo reminds me of a bunch of islands in the middle of a dark ocean. Like looking at Earth from space. The green is much more prominent in person, and the blue is a bit darker. This really makes me want to try out more Nfu Oh's, I just wish they weren't $12 a piece.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

NOTD: Purple Fire

I'm not a big purple lover. I like looking at the color well enough, but I'm rarely inspired to wear it, and for one reason or another it usually lets me down. I saw this Sinful Colors Lets Talk and loved it in the bottle but wasn't sure about it because it looked like a frost and I thought from looking at the bottle it was too good to be true. Well I was so wrong, this color is 100x more amazing on then in the bottle and the frost is more reflective then metallic and just perfect. I LOVE IT!!!

The color is very opaque, this is just 2 coats. It is a little thick but a few drops of Sally's Beauty Secrets Thinner should make it easier next time. This can be found in the regular display at Walgreens for just $2.00.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Mani Suggestions

Valentine's Day is coming up, so here are some pinks and reds you might consider wearing on this holiday.

Sally Hansen Shell We Dance. Sheer milky pink jelly, pretty if you want a soft mani. Get it anywhere that sells Sally Hansen.

China Glaze Pure Elegance. Soft pearly pink. You can get this at Sally's or at

Jordana Pink Shock. Soft pink jelly. You can find this at many mom & pop dollar or beauty supply stores for $1-$2.

Misa First Kiss. Maybe you'll get lucky wearing this pink/purple shimmery color. Get this at or other etailers.

Color Club Electro Candy. Neon hot pink, no fucshia like the photo shows just a neutral hot pink. Get this at or other etailers.

Jordana Pink Voltage. Dark raspberry pink jelly with a cool pink shimmer. Check our your local dollar stores to find this brand.

China Glaze Raspberry Festival. Red glass fleck shimmer. Get this at or other etailers.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Blood red jelly with red glitter. Very hot. Get it at Sally's or an etailer.

Monday, February 1, 2010

NOTD: Easter Bunny On Crack / Color Club Fashion Addict

This is my first time wearing a holo and I am just like SWEET BABY MONKEYS!!! This color is so cool, I love how its blingy without being super bright. All these photos were taken in crappy lighting, I will probably take more in the morning.

When I was a kid my dad would tell me that the Easter Bunny had eyes that swirled around with multiple colors (& they would hypnotize you but my dad had special sunglasses), this is how I always pictured those eyes.

The first photo is with flash, the select is with no light directly on it, and the last two are under my lamp light. Fashion Addict was very easy to work with and only took 2 coats. Also its a little bit lighter then the photos show, its a pale lavender with silver and pink tones with multi colored glitter