Sunday, January 24, 2010

NOTD: Solar Lava

I dug out some of my older polishes and found Revlon's Solar, which I got a few years ago at the Dollar Tree. I also got two Nfu Oh polishes from and used #51 (Nfu Oh has numbers instead of names) over Solar. Nfu Oh polishes run at $12.50 which is usally way beyond what I will spend for anything cosmetic related but they have amazing flakie polishes which are hard to find in any other brand. This was a late birthday splurge for me.

Unfortunately I had quite a few problems, though some were my fault. The polish was very thick and hard to spread evenly. I added some thinner so hopefully that will help next time I use it. The green one, #56, seemed to be thinner when I opened it but I didn't swatch it yet so I'm not sure. It also did a lot of shrinking (when your polish comes away from the edges, so you can see the tips of your nails) very quickly, this is due to Seche Vite's quick dry top coat but some polishes work better with it then others. I will have to experiment some more to see if I can prevent this. I also melted it on the tip of one finger when I was cooking dinner, that was totally my fault. And finally on one nail the entire sheet of nail polish started to slip off for a reason I don't know. All in all this hasn't been a good mani day so I'm going to take it off and try something else.

this is a discontinued color

#51 (left) #56 (right)

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Cara said...

I have a lust for #51.... and #60..