Friday, July 10, 2009

TheSheSpace Swatches

These are from, costing $4.50 for each 3 gram jar. I pretty much love them all, except Hot For Chocolate which is way too warm for me.

click to enlarge

Acidic Reign

Angel's Blush

Aphrodite Screams

Art Of Noise

Blaim The Rain

Bright Outlook

Chasing Mystery

Crack The Whip

Crushed Metal

Gothic Glamour

Hot For Chocolate

Mesh & Lace

Moral Enemy

No Scruples

Oh Precious Patience

Patent Leather Baby

Pristine Nature

Swim With The Fishes

Here are my older swatches of all the samples I have.


Ida said...

awesome colors. and thank you for the swatches, they're quite useful for me. just wanna ask, which e/s do you like better in general, fyrinnae's or the she space's?

Tina Marie said...

Wow these colors are amazing. Especially that purple. Gorgeous!! Thanks for swatches :)

Katrina said...

Ida overall I like theshespace pigments better because they tend to have a nicer texture (some of fyrinnae's are way to glittery) and quality. I like that fyrinnae has bigger samples though.

Lucy said...

I've ordered from TheSheSpace a few times. The colors are lovely. I just haven't used anything yet. Shame on me. I've been buying all the Zodiac collection. I just buy the sample size.