Friday, June 19, 2009

Target brand Up & Up Baby Wipes as Facial Wipes

If you are looking for some affodable but amazing make up remover or facial cleaning wipes check out the Target brand (now called Up & Up) unscented baby wipes.

-hypoallergenic real-cloth wipes
-alcohol free
-natural aloe and Vitamin E
-cushiony texture for superior cleaning

I saw this idea from someone else on a make up board and forgot about it until we ran out of baby wipes for my nephew. I promply thought of these and ran off to get them. I think everyone uses make up wipes at some point, but a lot of brands do run kind of expensive for these tiny packs of only 20 or 30 wipes, or super expensive for packs of 100.

The Target brand baby wipes comes in packs of 88 for $1.97. I believe there is a jumbo pack of around 300 for about $4 and small pack of 40 for $1.27. Each cloth is really long, one side is textured the other is smooth. The unscented kind have no smell at all. I've used them on my eyes with zero irritation. I've used them to take off lip products and there is no taste left over. What I love most is that there is no residue left over on my face. Any other wipe I've used leaves my skin feeling damp and tacky like I didn't rinse off my cleanser all the way. These Target wipes leaves my face feeling very clean like I just got out of the shower. I also use these to clean my make up brushes and wipe down any powder from my vanity area.


Christina said...

i've always wondered about using baby wipes as facial wipes... but never did buy them because well... its baby wipes. lol.

Anonymous said...

For the actual intended use, I've found that Target wipes are the best. Much better than Huggies or Pampers.