Saturday, April 18, 2009

Claire's nail polish haul

Aren't they preeeeeeeetty? It was so hard to choose just these four. I'm not going to have swatches until the middle of next week. I just cut down my nails because one broke down to the skin, so I'm a little ashamed of them. When they grow out in a couple days I'll take pics.

Marine Blue (this is a lot more neon then the photo shows)
Meg Peg (little bit more purple then fucshia)
Magic (10x more magical in person)
Periwinkle (prettier then it looks here)
click to enlarge


Vivi Alves said...

Your nails are beautiful! I love the glaze that you put pen but do not find here in Brazil.

Make a video showing his collection.

Mary said...

They definitely are pretty! I can't wait to see Marine Blue and Periwinkle. I have a Claire's near me and I've never seen polish in there. I'll have to look harder next time!

Anonymous said...

They all look so pretty! I'm really like the first one. ♥

Velvet said...

Ooooh, I just found your blog through Deez Nails. I just love all you pics of nails and make-up! Just gorgeous.

emily said...

OMG! i love the first one!!its so pretty i wish i had it:( but still there are so many clairs that are like half a hour away from my house! i got the pink jelly nail polish yesterday!! its so pretty!!!