Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RIP Little Pet Bird 2005 - Jan 28, 2009

My pet Canary died today. In the morning it was fine, but at 3pm I looked in the cage and it was just lying at the bottom. I'm a little depressed, I didn't love the bird that much but he was a good pet. I thought I should write a little something about it, just so I wouldn't forget.

We never gave it an official name, but sometimes my neice would call it Shimmery.

My brother gave me the bird in 2006. It use to belong to my sisters kids but they didn't take the best care of it so my brother took it for a while and passed it on to me. I think it was at least 4-5 years old.

Honestly I feel a bit guilty because I didn't take as good care of it as I should have. The cage was usually (ok always) dirty and I didn't clean out the water and food bowls more then 2-3 times a week. I also never clipped it nails so they grew super long, but I could never catch the little thing cause it moved so fast.

Shimmery did sing a lot, especially after my mom would play music for it. It's singing was really pretty, and a lot of time people would think we had weird bird music on in the house. It sang a lot in the morning, right after the sun came up. No one really minded being woken up that way though.

Shimmery also liked looking at itself in the little mirrors hanging in the cage. I can't blaim him cause he was really pretty. He also loved spitting the shells of his seeds out all over the floor so we had to sweep it up all the time.

Have fun in bird heaven little guy.


Phyrra said...

Aww, I'm sorry for your bird's untimely demise.

Askmewhats said...

I am sorry about Canary... :(

iamgrape1119 said...

AWWW, that's too sad! My heart goes out to you. Don't be sad though, he's in a better place right now.

Ahleessa said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bird! RIP!!!

Asami said...

I'm sorry. :(

Sanna said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! My little budgie died a few days ago 2:( I cried like no other! She was 8 years old

Katrina said...

Aw, Sanna I'm sorry :(