Thursday, September 4, 2008

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Mint Julep Masque
-Helps dry up acne pimples
-Rinses away blackheads
-Helps shrink large pores

The original natural home treatment, developed by a dermatologist, that will actually dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and even help shrink enlarged pores.

Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your face and neck. Within minutes it firms and hardens, as its suction action draws out waste matter from the pores. Minutes later, rinse the masque away with warm water and a washcloth. After the masque is removed your skin will feel clean...refreshed and smooth.

Even for people who are fortunately free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that relaxes tired muscles and eases tension lines on the face and neck.

No animal testing. No animal ingredients.

Quality: 1 out of 5
Packaging: 1 out of 5
Price: $4
Where To Buy: Walgreens, Rite Aid, other beauty supply stores.

Directions: Cleanse face and neck thoroughly. Apply masque generously and allow to dry for about 15 minutes. Leave on problem areas overnight, if desired. Remove with warm water and a washcloth.

I thought this stuff was going to be ok, but I'm not very happy with it. I've had it for a long time and each time I go to try it again I'm disappointed.

-First off, it looks, smells, and feels like tooth paste. Thats not a good thing for a face mask, really.
-Secondly, the first time I used it it burned like hell, I spent five minutes fanning my face before it got to be moderately ok. Every time I've used it its burned, and my skin isn't even sensitive.
-Third, I saw no difference in my skin or pores afterwards.
-Fourth this makes my skin 3x more oily then it normally would be, and that will go on for at least 2 days after using it. Since I'm already very oily this is BAD.
-Its also a major pain to get out of the tube. I have to literally crush this against the counter with my fist to get anything out. Its very thick.

PROS: I can't think of even one. I know this works for a lot of people, but it does nothing for me.
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Sulfur, Chromium Oxide Greens, Fragrance, Methylparaben


Smirking Cat said...

Too funny, I just saw this mask at a store and was wondering about it. I loved Avon's Porefection clay mask, but naturally it appears to have been discontinued!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm really glad you posted this. I was so close to buying one later today. (I have a miniature volcano on my forehead, great placing)

Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

The Mint Julep mast was something I loved when I was 14 and mega-greasy, but now that I have my "grown-up" skin (haha) it dries the heck out of me. I have an oily-ish T-zone and dry cheeks, and this mask dries me out like crazy, causing me to then totally over-produce oil...a bad thing all around for my skin type.

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

thanx for the review! toothpaste on my face? no thanx! lol

jamie said...

This seems like a nice one, I'm using a different masque but looks like it doesn't work. I'm open in trying new treatments for my acne. Gotta give this a go .