Monday, September 1, 2008

Green, Purple, & Blue

Cheeks: Avon Satin Deluxe Pink Duo blush

Lips: clear chapstick

Eyes: UDPP
MAC Cool Heat (all over lid)
NYX Luxor (crease)
MAC Moon's Reflection (lower lashes)
NYX Anti Diva trio #1 (highlighter)
Maybelline Great Lash mascara

What I used:


christy. said...

wow, this look reminds me of a mermaid :D

missxxmai said...

so pretty! i love the color combination (= great look as ALWAYS!

Connie said...

That looks is so beautiful! I'm so glad I've stumbled across your blog! Keep up the good work! :) I'll definitely link you from my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Katrina said...

Thank you Christy and Mia.

Thanks Connie! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I'll link back to your blog as well.