Wednesday, August 13, 2008

White Gold & Blue FOTD

GAH! Two days ago when I did this FOTD I thought my skin was getting better, but then the next day I got like 6 new huge zits. WHAT THE HELL!?! *puts paper bag over head*

Anyways... this is from two days ago when my skin was behaving for like 12 minutes.

Cheeks: Jane Blushing Blossom

Lips: NYX Summer Love

Eyes: UDPP
Charlotte Russe minerals Bronze trio, #1 (all over lid)
NYX Aquamarine trio #1 (crease)
Fyrinnae Digital Faerie (outer crease & lower lashes)
NYX Anti Diva trio #1 (highlighter)
Avon Super Full mascara

What I used:


Anonymous said...

I had a huge problem with my skin earlier this spring/summer for two months straight and i usually have very minor blemishes. Needless to say I tried a crap ton of stuff, but my skin finally cleared up when i started washing my face differently.

I cleanse my face (switched to clinique acne bar cleanser), massaging it into my face in circles for two minutes and then splash my face 10+ times to really get a good rinse. Afterwards I use a benzoyl peroxide cream (again clinique)on problem areas. I let that completely dry for like five minutes before moisturizing.

I don't know if this is helpful at all to you but I was so stressed about my skin earlier this summer that I thought I'd pass on what worked for me.

Katrina said...

Oh, thank you. I will try that out.

Anonymous said...

girl, my skin has been doing a 180 too! just stay positive! drink lots and lots of water and get a good amount of sleep too.

the eye look is very pretty too.

Anonymous said...

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jamie said...

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