Monday, August 11, 2008

Viewer Requested Look

This is for the person who wanted me to do a look with the NYX Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink trio. Sorry it took so long!

NYX jumbo e/s pencil Hot Pink (all over lid)
NYX jumbo e/s pencil Pacific (lining lower lashes)
Hot Pink (inner 2/3)
Cherry (outer 1/3)
Cool Blue (lower lashes)


Vanessa <3 said...

looove that pink!

Leila said...

Hi Katrina!

I posted this one entry back on accident. I wasn't sure if you were going to read it, so I thought I'd repost it on the most recent entry. Sorry! I don't mean to spam your site!

I happened to come across your blog when I was searching for the quality of F21 bras. I noticed that you said their sizing is off. How so? Do they run big or small?

By the way, your eyes look GORGE!

TIA, love!

Katrina said...

Thanks Vanessa!

Leila I think the band sizes run a little tight. Their 32 is too small for me but its not a huge deal. Hope that helps.