Monday, July 21, 2008

Review: POSH Brushes

Just to recap, I got these from You can use the code UA123 for 50% off your order (enter this on the payment page) and shipping is free on orders over $35 before the discount.

Eyeliner Duo
Cost: $12
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Both of these brushes are soft, but the bristles are firm and are great for lining under the bottom lashes. Even the larger one is easy to use for lining. I get the color out of the brushes by washing them with hot water. My only complant is that it would have been better if one of the brushes were angled.

Crease Brush Duo
Cost: $12
Rating: 5 out of 5

I loooooooove these little brushes! The larger one is fantastic for the crease. Its very soft and densly packed. Its great at color placement control, and it doesn't leave a harse line that you have to blend out, the lines from this are pretty soft. You can also use this to blend eye shadow. There were only 2 bristles that shed after I washed this. The smaller of these brushes is similar to the MAC 219 pencil brush (which I haven't used, just going by what I've seen in other videos and photos). So far I've only used it to apply e/s under my bottom lashes and its really nice. I don't yet know how this works in the crease.

Concealer Duo
Cost: $12
Rating: 5 out of 5

These are typical concealer brushes. They are soft with firm bristles and don't shed. I don't even have concealer so I don't quite remember why I got these but they are nice. The larger can be used for foiling eye shadow.

Touch Up Brush
Cost: $7
Rating: 5 out of 5

This is a very soft brush that can be used for applying powder around the nose or other small areas, touching up concealer, and can also be used to apply eye shadow. It does NOT do well applying wet eye shadow, but I love it for applying them dry! I've given it a few rough washings and it hasn't shed but a few of the hairs have kind of gone off in different directions. To clean this you need hot water to get the color out of the white hair. If/When I order from POSH again I would probably get another one of these brushes as long as the bristles don't start to go wonky.


Lily said...

thanks for the review! i love their 50% off code lol

Anonymous said...

They have a 50% code? OMG! I have to have it!

Thanks for the review. I've heard a lot about these brushes but have always passed them up. I don't have a decent set of eye brushes but these sound just perfect.

oh and hey, FYI: I nominated you for one of my favorite blogs. You're number 5. Under Alias because I don't know your name !

Katrina said...

Wow, Nikki thank you! My name is Katrina, lol.

Definitely try out some Posh brushes!

Jamila said...

I love Posh brushes! They are a steal @ the regular price so 50% off is unbelievably great. Thanks for the review.

jie jie said...

thanks for reviewing these brushes. i've heard about them and wondered how they perform. That's awesome you got a discount! They do send it out often, don't ya think?

/lachesis. said...

Hi... just browsing :-) I have the posh mini foundation brush and the kabuki brush. While I love the kabuki, I am not enthused with the fdtn brush... its a little too flexible and makes my face streaky.. bleh... lol. Fun post :-D!

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