Sunday, June 15, 2008

MAC & NYX hauls

On Friday I went and checked out MAC's Cool Heat collection. All the eye shadows were gorgeous but I only bought Cool Heat. I was going to get Blue Flame and Gulf Stream but BF is almost identicle to Deep Truth and Gulf Stream is very similar to NYX Wild Fire. Climate Blue looked like it was going to be a really pretty purple but when I swatched it it was a kind of chalky dark blue.

Then I stopped by the shoe store that had the NYX on sale. I got two more trios and October Sky single e/s. I swatches the two trios, along with the two I had before. These are done over a NYX jumbo e/s pencil which is tackier then UDPP so the e/s has better pigment. Some of these are more sheer over just UDPP.


Lily said...

nice haul! do the nyx trios have the same pay off as their single eye shadows?

Katrina said...

Some do, some don't. The shimmery ones have better pigment then the matte. They work best if you use them wet or over a sticky base.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've been thinking of buying the Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink trio can you make a look with these I would really like to see it done so I can make up my mind about it.