Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fyrinnae Polar Bear & Sea Turtle, Endangered Collection swatches.

Incase you haven't seen my previous post about this, Fyrinnae has a new collection of pigments that are going to be raising money for the World Wildlife Fund. They sent me two free samples (I promised the soul of my first born) and I got them yesterday. Let me say, these two are GORGEOUS!

L: Polar Bear (light gold tan champagne with light blue sparkles)
R: Sea Turtle (moss green with purple & blue sparkles)

btw the e/s is smoother, I just sharpened this photo so you can see the sparkle. In all of the photos Polar Bear is just a little lighter and Sea Turtle is just a little bit darker in real life. I don't know why.

The more pigmented bottom half is over UDPP, the sheerer top half is bare skin.

Edit: I did a EOTD with the colors. PB all over the lid, ST to line over smashbox's cream liner. You can see the in certain lights Sea Turtle flashes silver purple, in others its green. Pretty cool. Oh and I used Great Lash mascara.



Lily said...

ooh nice swatches! hope you don't mind if i subscribe to your blog!

Katrina said...

Thank you. Not at all :)

xfoxglove said...

hi, i've seen a lot of your FOTDs on MUA and wandered over here. i was just wondering if you've tried out the primers by the she space? i can't find any UDPP vs TSS Primer things anywhere.

either way, lovely blog.