Friday, May 23, 2008

MAC Eye Shadow Dupes

I haven't tried many of these, so some could be off but I think most are accurate. If you have any to add feel free to comment with them. The ones with the * are the ones I know for sure are dupes either because I have them or because I've seen side by side swatches.

Eye Shadow
MAC Amber Lights = Milani Sun Goddess, NYX Golden
MAC Aquadisiac = Jane Millionare
MAC Atlas = ULTA Silk
MAC Bamboo = Wild and Crazy Wild Guava
MAC Beautiful Iris = ULTA Iris, NYX Frosted Lilac
MAC Black Tied = Jane Clubbing = Milani Storm
MAC Brill = Wild & Crazy Bahama Water
MAC Carbon = NYX Black
MAC Coppering = Milani Flare
*MAC Cranberry = NYX Rust
MAC Crystal Avalanche = NYX White Pearl
*MAC Electric Eel = Milani Atlantis, NYX Irises
MAC Floof = NYX Cream Cheese
MAC Gorgeous Gold = Prestige Glitz C-157
MAC Guacamole = Milani Limbo Lime
MAC Hepcat = NYX Violet
*MAC Humid = Milani Clover, NYX Mermaid Green
MAC Jest = Milani Peachy Peach
MAC Jewel Blue = Jane Eye Zing in Surfer Girl
MAC Juxt = Milani Garden Mist, Jane Rain Forest
MAC Little Madame = Milani Illusion
MAC Llama - NYX Nude
MAC Lucky Green = Wet n' Wild Marquis
MAC Mink & Sable = ELF Sage
MAC Mulch, Sable = Milani Java Bean
MAC Naked Lunch = Wet n' Wild Fine Wink, NYX Aloha
MAC Nocturnelle = NYX Beauty Queen
MAC Nylon = Vanilla Sky
MAC Paradisco = Flirt! Feeling Hot
*MAC Parrot = ULTA Deep Sea, L'oreal HIP in Showy
MAC Parfait Amour = Milani Enchantment, NYX Luxor
MAC Passionate = NYX Cherry or Red Head
MAC Perverted Pearl = Milani Silver Bullet
MAC Pink Freeze = Milani Taffy
*MAC Satin Taupe = ELF Moondust, ULTA Twilight, NYX Iced Mocha
MAC Satellite Dreams = Daffodil
MAC Shale = Milani Icy Plum
MAC Shimmermoss = ULTA Luna
MAC Solar White = NYX Barely There
MAC Sketch = Milani Marooned
MAC Stars and Rockets = NYX Luxor, Milani Shock
MAC Trax = Flirt! Glamourazzi
MAC Vanilla = Milani Snow Frost
MAC Vellum = Milani Moonlight, NYX Snow Cone
MAC Woodwinked = Milani Golden Bronze

MAC Dark Soul pigment = Jane Clubbing
*MAC Fuchsia pigment = Jesse’s Girl 553 Sparkle Red
*MAC Old Gold = Jesse’s Girl 567 Sunlit Cactus
MAC Pink Pearl = Jesse’s Girl 551 Superpink Pearl
MAC Silver Pigment = Milani Mercury
*MAC Sweet Sienna = Gothic Glamour
*MAC Violet = Jesse’s Girl 560 Cloisonne Violet
MAC Viz A Violet = NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple

MAC Sweet Sienna - Gothic Glamour
Sweet Sienna = $20 (7 gram jar)
Gothic Glamour = $4 (3 gram jar)

MAC Humid - NYX Mermaid Green
In the pot Humid has more yellow/olive undertones while Mermaid doesn't. When you apply them the color difference is not so apparent, you really don't need both. Humid is a bit more vibrant by itself, but Mermaid used with a good base or mixing medium catches up.

Humid = $14
Mermaid Green = $4


Diana said...

thanks for posting this!! i really want some colors, but i can't afford them right now... MAC is not cheap lol

Maria said...

Where do you get these Milani eyeshadows? I have tried stores like CVS which have a Milani section but I have not found the correct colors. I have also tried the Milani website and I did not see any eyeshadows such as "Icy Plum" or "Marooned". Could you help me find a place that sells these? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

maria, i've been wondering the same thing. i have a feeling some of those milani e/s listed are discontinued. jane cosmetics are impossible to find (for me) as walgreens and walmart have discontinued the line. i think jane cosmetics went out of business actually?

Nae said...

Sinful Colors offer quite a few MAC Dupes many people have stated that Sinful Colors Eye Shadows and MAC Eye Shadows are the same. I'm not sure but I do have some Sinful Colors Eye Shadows and I did go to the MAC website and compare some and they are dead ringers for the MAC shadows. I plan to do some swatches and go into the MAC store and see if I am correct.

Amanda said...

You can find Jane products at Rite Aid. :)

The girl in the yellow shoes said...

Check out my post on MAC dupes using all NYX products!