Friday, May 16, 2008

Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, & Wet Seal Haul

Yesterday was fun, I got 3 new Forever 21 tops and a purse. Yay. The skirt and shorts were bought a few weeks ago, they still might be in stores. You can click the photos to make them bigger.

Left: Yellow striped top was $6. Skirt is also from F21 $18.
Right: Cream top was $12. Shorts are from F21 as well $12.
Excuse my fat legs, k thanks.
Left: Black top is $12.
Right: Purse is $17 from Wet Seal. This sucker is huge, if I cut a hole in the bottom I could wear it as a shirt or skirt.
I got these two weeks ago at Charlotte Russe for 75% off, $6. They are more yellow then the photo shows.



Sanna said...

OMG- so awesome! Why is the shipping so expensive to Sweden *cry cry*?
And those shoes are so pretty!

Katrina said...

Thanks. I don't know, I hate that its so expensive right now.