Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Theshespace & Fyrinnae Swatches

I finally got swatches done for my latest shespace haul & I did some of all the Fyrinnae pigments I have. I'm also including short reviews and color descriptions of each pigment.

Bright Outlook: Cheerful shimmery pale yellow/orange. Soft but vibrant.
Aphrodite Screams: Shimmery true orange.
No Scruples: Bright purple with hot pink sparkles. One of my top favorites.
Far Too Fabulous: Dark royal blue, a little darker then the swatch looks.
Born A Savage: Dark navy blue. Not my favorite, hard to use unless wet.
Blaim The Rain: Soft lime green with a kick. Goes with a lot of colors.
Chasing Mystery: Soft teal/blue/green/grey. Swatch doesn't do justice.
Swim With The Fishes: One of my top 5's. Gorgeous aqua/teal.
Moral Enemy: Fantastic almost emerald/grass green. Love love love.
Art Of Noise: Dark sparkly green, not brown like the swatch shows.

Rapunzel Had Extensions: Soft coral with gold. Lovely color.
Melty: Warm pink. Really pretty.
Shallow Sleep: Great bright blue with hint of aqua.
Dragon Tears: Not at all like Fyrinnae's website shows, dark blue. Kinda crappy quality, have to use it wet or else it just doesn't stick.
Embrace: Also not anything like the Fyrinnae swatch, this is a dark almost matte teal. Not very impressive.
Japan: Similar to Embrace but greener.
Equality: Sparkly silver taupe. Really nice color.
Newcastle: This gets a lot of love but I don't like it. Looks like dirt from my back yard with glitter.
Leif: Great bright apple green, I love this one.
Dragon's Wing: Almost matte soft green.
Dragonskin: Green with gold tones, shimmery and very pretty.
Njordr: Dark forest green with silver sparkles.

I did just place another Fyrinnae order yesterday, so I should have more swatches in two or three weeks.



Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Thanks for the swatches from both companies. :) They make such a difference. :P

Katrina said...

You're welcome :)