Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fyrinnae haul pics!

I finally got my Fyrinnae package yesterday! I order on Jan 5th, and it shipped on Feb 26th, so it took 37 business days for them to ship. It was crappy to have to wait that long, but I have them now and they are sparkly and pretty so I don't care. My only problem now is deciding what to wear today. I think I have over 20 unused colors I've gotten this week, my head is spinning.

Dragonskin, Dragon's Wing, Leif, Njordr
Shallow Sleep, Dragon Tears f/s, Prof. Embrace, Japan
Newcastle f/s, Equality, Rapunzle f/s, Melty (free sample)
Plus I got the rice primer and mineral viel samples.
Have a sparkly day!


sweetsorrow said...

ohh try dragon skin and newcastle toghether :)

Katrina said...

Thats a good idea! I'll do that tomorrow, it'll fit right in with the theme.

Lady C said...

Oh such pretties! I placed my 1st order with them a couple of weeks ago. I also ordered the rice primer so I'd be curious to know how you like it.

Katrina said...

I'm not sure how well it's working for me. I bought it for the oil control, but I don't know that its helping in that area (I think I just need to use more). I like how it feels under foundation though.