Thursday, February 28, 2008

Theshespace haul pics & swatches!

I just got my latest order from my favorite pigment company, About Face. I ordered four full sized pigments and a few samples, but Heather sent me a bunch of free samples too (which I actually think was an evil plough to get me to buy more full size & therefor steal my money! {its working} She knows how much of a sucker I am).
Keep in mind these are all limited edition, so if you want them order asap.

L-R Ideal Elements, Blue Eyed Hottie
Indigo Moon, The Boy Can Kiss

I cannot gush enough about All The Pretty Girls. I didn't think it looked that fab online, but in person it is amazing. I have to have a full size of this. These are all a lot more sparkly irl too, and I love sparkles! Also these were applied over UDPP.

These are older swatches from mostly the drama queen collection, just thought I'd include them. The first two rows were applied wet, the last just over UDPP.

For reference, this is how much comes in a bag, good for more then a few uses.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Glow Girl! FOTD

Face: Revlon CS in Buff

Cheeks: About Face (aka highlighter Cupid Missed

Lips: ELF super glossy l/g Watermelon

Eyes: UDPP
Target brand eyedrops as a mixing medium
About Face Pristine Nature, wet (inner half of lid and v)
About Face Rockin' Egyptian, wet (outer half of lid and v)
gold chrome liner, wet (waterline)
Wet N Wild glitter
Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Comments and feedback would be great.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lipstick swatches

These are from Wet N Wild. They are a dollar a piece (though I got them for .50 cents). Tokyo a pink pink is suppose to be a dupe for MACs le Strawberry Blonde. I've only seen it in photos and I don't think they look that much alike.

These are NYX round lipsticks. They are also a dollar at & a lot of small beauty/wig supply stores have little displays.
Edit: I just realized I forgot to lable the middle one on the bottom. Its Ulysses.

The NYX eye shadow swatches will come tomorrow.